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The Beginning…

Hi my name is James Wood and I’m a huge MMA fan!

I got hooked to the sport after playing UFC 2009 on xbox (I’m also an avid gamer) and love the strategy behind the sport and how with their skill set the fighters can control the fight and exploit weaknesses of their opponent! After many hours playing the UFC game I started looking at clips on youtube of fights and then decided to start watching the PPV’s on ESPN (I’m from the UK). My first ever PPV watch was UFC111! GSP vs Dan Hardy! Having family come from Nottingham and being english I wanted Hardy to win but after 5 rounds of GSP nearly destroying Hardy’s arm twice and an excellent top game GSP cruised to victory. Other highlights was Shane Carwin smashing Mir for the interim Heavyweight title and future unification title fight with Brock Lesnar.


After this UFC111 I have never missed a PPV and I not only watch UFC but Strikeforce and on occasion Bellator! This was my introduction to the sport and now with this blog I will being talking about upcoming fight cards and topics within the sport, cheers.


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