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UFC on FX 2 Predictions

Here is my second edition of MMA predictions with  on UFC on FX2, in Australia, with the headliner being between, two UFC veterans, Thiago ‘The Pitbull’ Alves vs Martin ‘The Hitman’ Kampmann.



Court McGee vs Constantinos Philippou

A mid tier Middleweight division bout were both fighters are looking to climb up the division rankings. McGee is coming off of a decision victory over Dongi Yang and is currently 3-0 in the UFC and on a 8 win streak. Philippou is coming in with a vicious KO victory over Jared Hamman and displayed amazing stand up during the whole fight. This fight will come down to Court McGee’s Chin and how much punishment he can take as this is the hardest puncher that McGee has ever faced so far in his career. My guess is that technically McGee will trade with Philippou for the first round then resort to grappling and securing a takedown and look for  submissions while controlling Philippou on the ground.

Winner – Court McGee, Decision – Round 3.

Demetrious Johnson vs Ian McCall

This fight is making UFC history as it is the first ever Flyweight bout in UFC’s existence. This fight is also the first of a 4 man tournament to crown the new UFC Flyweight Champion and solidify their position as the top 125 pounder in the world. Johnson is coming off of an unsuccessful bid at the 135 pound title after losing to Champion Dominic Cruz by decision. Ian McCall is coming into this fight with a string of wins solidifying his No#1 spot in the flyweight division with wins over then viewed as No.1 flyweight  Jussier da Silva, top prospect Dustin Ortiz and taking the Tachi Palace Flyweight Championship against Darrell Montague by rear-naked choke. There are alot of factors that need to be taken into account when evaluating this fight. Firstly the ‘UFC jitters’ which has affected many promising fighters over the years. Will McCall be able to feed of off the intensified atmosphere that the UFC brings compared to the regional shows which top Flyweights over the years have only been given the opportunity  to perform on? Will Johnson still have the speed advantage being in a smaller weight class as this is one of the major advantages Johnson had at Bantamweight? Also I feel many are counting out McCall due to the fact he is new to the UFC were as Johnson is coming off of a title fight in the division above and is more known then the regarded top dog at 125 pounds. In my opinion this will be a very fast paced and close fight with wrestling being the major factor of who can control the wrestling game will win the fight. I’ve just got a small feeling that McCall has tried and tested what its like to fight at 125 pounds and has been hugely successful fighting the big names of that division and with existing ZUFFA experience in the WEC will help making the transition to the UFC a bit easier.

Winner – Ian McCall, Decision – Round 3.

Joseph Benavidez vs Yasuhiro Urushitani

This is the second bout in the Flyweight tournament and second ever Flyweight bout in UFC history and its between heavy favourite Joseph Benavidez against fomer 123 pound Shooto Champion Yasuhiro Urushitani. By looking at the odds in this fight it seems this could possibly be the biggest mismatch in UFC history! With Benavidez being a massive favourite in this fight many see this as an easy and quick stepping stone to the final and being crowned the first ever UFC Flyweight Champion.The reason for Benavidez being so highly touted is of his accomplishments in a division to big for the natural 125 pounder. He has demolished competition at 135 pounds with many wins over top 10 fighters although has come short twice to current Bantamweight Kingpin Dominic Cruz. With his No#2 ranking in the Bantamweight division many believe that the drop makes him the new uncrowned No#1 at Flyweight.  Urushitani is currently regarded in the top 4 rankings with several highly renowned MMA pundits, he is known for his slick counter striking and will be looking to use this in the fight to find Benavidez’s chin and record the upset of the year. Benavidez will be looking to control the pace of the fight and mix his striking and grappling to keep Urushitani guessing and then when an opening appears finish the fight. Also a major factor that has to be taken account for is the same as McCall is the UFC jitters as this is Urushitani’s first fight not only in the UFC but outside of Asia which may also present problems.

Winner – Benavidez, Submission – Round  2.

Thiago Alves vs Martin Kampmann

Here is a fan friendly fight between too very technical strikers and both UFC veterans Thiago Alves and Martin Kampmann. Alves is coming into this fight with a submission victory over Papy Abedi, which is his first UFC submission victory and overall first submission victory not due to strikes. Kampmann is coming off of a decision victory over Rick Story which in the process more than likely saved his UFC career after lossing two fights in a row prior to the Story fight. Both fighters will be looking to get a streak going with a win and start a title run but more so for Kampmann due to being the only man in the UFC to beat current Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit whereas Alves has already had a shot at the title against GSP and will not be likely to get another one any time soon. This is a very fascinating  fight depending on game plans. Kampmann is known to technically start well but as the fight goes on and gets hit it turns into a slugfest (e.g. Sanchez). Also Kampmann has had the tendency to not being able to handle bigger power punchers such as Daley but showed improvement with this issue against Rick Story. Alves fits the bill of a power puncher with his excellent Muay Thai and many knock-out wins during his career. One problem with Alves’s game has been wrestling but more so against very strong wrestlers which Kampmann is not but still has decent wrestling. With Kampmann showing an improved gameplan and not engaging into slugfests as much as in the past he may look to pick Alves apart then looking to control the fight on the floor with a takedown if required.

Winner – Kampmann, Decision – Round  3.

Other Fights ( Prelims) – Predicted winners in bold.

  • James Te Huna vs Aaron Rosa
  • Anthony Perosh vs Nick Penner
  • Cole Miller vs Steven Siler
  • Kyle Noke vs Andrew Craig
  • TJ Waldburger vs Jake Hecht
  • Mackens Semerzier vs Danial Pineda
  • Oli Thompson vs Shawn Jordan

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